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Work Group Registration Information November 7-9, 2018 Charlotte, North Carolina. Non-members who pay to attend a work group meeting and then join NCPDP before the next scheduled quarterly work group meeting may apply $250 of the registration fee towards membership.

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Workplaces that Work Effective Meetings Despite the daily onslaughts of e-mails, phone calls and memos, meetings are still one of the most effective ways that people share and exchange information, get feedback, plan, collaborate and make important decisions for their organizations.

This Work Group meeting will feature invited user success stories, a vendor show, and poster session. Meeting content will include presentations from companies and individuals who are using synchrophasor technology successfully to solve specific challenges.

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A working group or working party is a group of experts working together to achieve specified goals. The groups are domain-specific and focus on discussion or activity around a specific subject area. The groups are domain-specific and focus on discussion or activity around a specific subject area.

Feb 26, 2015 · Who will do the work between meetings? – This is one of the motivations for #2 – everybody will leave a group meeting with good intentions. But who will actually spend more than 5 hours moving the project forward (i.e. doing data, simulations, analysis, writings)?

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The quarterly work group meetings include elements of education, committee interaction, work group and task group activity, networking events, leadership development, new member orientation and exhibit opportunities. Future Meetings. Mark your calendar for NCPDP’s …

Closed meetings are clearly marked and you must register your attendance before going along to a Work Group meeting. Please register your attendance by the 3rd September. The meetings on the 13th and 14th will all be at the L V Prasad Eye Institute.

The work group meeting focused on preparing for the Feb. 27 community engagement session. The event is planned to be a "speed dating" type of event, where community members will rotate through four stations, one for each work group team.

Working Group Meetings Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsoring any of these items or events will result in HL7 International promoting your firm to HL7 members worldwide, meeting attendees, more than 55 international HL7 affiliates, and thousands of industry leaders who receive HL7 mailings.

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