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Why Am I Here? – The Theistic Worldview Why am I here? Well, if God does exist, that means He is ultimate reality. If He created you for a reason, that’s ultimately why your here. If you’re valuable to Him, that’s ultimately what you’re worth. What He says is right is absolutely right and what He says is wrong is absolutely wrong.

To TL, basically, BW is dead. I’ve been following the scene since that time when Bisu 3-0’d Savior in a fashion that even it’s news was heard to players who didn’t even knew a …

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A drug addicted thief. Now you know why people hate Mexicans (Taco-niggers). Go home to Mexico. Before you call me racist, and other names, I have traveled to Mexico several times and found Mexicans to be some of the nicest people in the world.

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Apr 12, 2016 · CS:GO Where the Fuck I Am Remix! If you want to support his work, you can buy this song from his site here: http://d1ofaquavibe.com/music Original Video: htt

why the fuck am i still here? October 12th, 2012 by Abiron. no. I shouldnt be here anymore. Im so fucking anxious right now. I swear if i see more flaws on myself or flaws that worsened i want to gain the guts to fucking kill myself like i had the balls to before.

Yeah.. I’m Ivy and a 21 proud owner of a vagina. Pronouns are whatever you’d like to call me, I honestly don’t care. INTJ Slytherin Gemini

Nov 05, 2018 · Tammy’s fattoe needs to leave me the fuck alone and take her ugly ass somewhere else like for real – Duration: 3:08. The Queen Badass 1,345 views. New

Welp, internet. I’ve hit my limit. It’s finally happened. After five years running The Craptacular, and more years loving theater than I can accurately tally, I just cannot take another minute of Broadway’s sexist, misogynistic bullshit and stay silent.

May 20, 2005 · (ed. note: this post is brought to you in part by the letters f, c, k, and u, and the numeral 2. some naughty language follows. i was surprised as i edited. heh.)

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