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Russian president Vladimir Putin near St. Petersburg, January 18, 2018 (Reuters photo: Dmitri Lovetsky) Speculation about Russian funding of the organization’s backing of Trump Is there a

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Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (Russian: Пенсионный фонд Российской Федерации) is the principal national pension fund in Russia. It is the largest organization of Russia to provide socially important public services to Russian citizens .

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Jun 19, 2017 · Russia Eyes a $90 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund the holdings were split into the Reserve Fund and the National Wellbeing Fund. Russia is now hunkering down for …

Aug 18, 2017 · Tverskaya can’t be discovered with just a first glance, the neighborhood is shaped around a long street populated with well-known shops and brands.

The Russian National Wealth Fund is Russia’s sovereign wealth fund. It was created after the Stabilization Fund of the Russian Federation was split into two separate investment funds on …

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National Wealth Fund. Mission. Accumulation. Investment management. Infrastructure projects. Expenditure. Reporting and audit. Legal Framework. Allocation of National Wealth Fund’s assets to preferred equities of Russian banks. Allocation of National Wealth Fund’s assets to deposits in Vnesheconombank.

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The National Welfare Fund in Russia is a sovereign wealth fund that invests abroad to counteract inflation and guarantee the functioning of Russia’s pension system.

Russia’s rainy day Reserve Fund has ceased to exist as of Jan. 1, the Finance Ministry reported this week. Set up in 2008 in the boom years, the Reserve Fund was a store of money designed to top

Society for Everyone 06 september 2018 Key parameters of Russian Pension Fund’s budget 2019–2021 31 august 2018 Over half a million people install PFR’s mobile application. All news

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