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Description. Enjoy the first and most popular sex positions app especially for lesbian and bisexual women! Enjoy a large gallery of ideas, descriptions and illustrations of the most popular and pleasant sex positions.

If you’re bored of your bedroom antics and fancy spicing things up between the sheets, look no further than these Kamasutra sex positions. From gy style to rocking , Catherine wheels to triangles, there are 100 sex positions to flick through.

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Sappho Intro. SAPPHOSOPHY IS FREE OF CHARGE. The only parts of Lesbian Kama Sutra that requires payment are the chapters, our lesbian lovemaking positions that form Lesbian Kama Sutra. Create with us a Sapphosophical archive, and Get one month access to Kama Sutra Members Area we welcome your contributions. This is an archive of lesbian related material contributed by our visitors.

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Lesbian Kama Sutra Positions 91

Kamorii is excited to introduce you to the largest online collection of Kama Sutra sex positions.Our artists have beautifully hand illustrated over 180 positions in high detail; which will set you on the path to giving your partner the ultimate exotic pleasure.

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Sep 01, 2004 · The Lesbian Kama Sutra applies the spirit and intention of the original Kama Sutra–the expression of uninhibited pleasure through sex–to the lives of women. Celebrating the love between women with clear, empowering text and a rich visual tapestry of images, the book offers a …

WARNING – ADULTS ONLY(18+) – EXPLICIT CONTENT!!! The FIRST and ONLY sex positions app especially for lesbian and bisexual women! Enjoy tons of the hottest sex

Exploring the possibilities of every erogenous zone, this lesbian Kama Sutra offers deliciously inventive ideas for women to pleasure themselves and each other, including Gilding the Lily, Peach Gobbler, Hanky Spanky, teen Wrap, Velvet Rope, and many more.

May 12, 2015 · The Kama Sutra has provided centuries of pleasure for men and women but it’s not much use to the lesbians among us. So what’s a teen who likes teens to do?

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The Lesbian Kama Sutra by Kat Harding Using clear, empowering text to celebrate the love between women, The Lesbian Kama Sutra encourages love and sex, pleasure and sensuality, uninhibited erotic indulgence, and play.

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May 03, 2017 · These Are The Real Kama Sutra Sex Positions. Lux Alptraum. Refinery29. May 3, 2017. Reblog. Share. Tweet. or a lesbian, servant, or sanvahika, which is a woman who does arduous work. Among the

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