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Looks kickass. (Click to see the whole page). Copy matters and is the first thing. Long form sales pages are mostly about the content. So in order to close the sale, you need really good copy. You don’t start to design before you have the copy in place. the good design sucked ass. How to Design Kickass Long Form Sales Pages.

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"Kick Ass Sales pages" is a BEST SELLER that took over 6 months to perfect. This is the first time ever that 9 expert internet marketers have collaborated on such a thorough and robust training package at the same time.

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Rather than sending them a marketing brochure or product catalogue, create a kick-ass sales proposal. A well-crafted sales proposal will not only help you stand out from the competition; it will also help you close more business, capture more sales and make more money.

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This is why our fifth kick-ass call to action example, from Less Accounting, really shines. Less Accounting benefits from muted colors and an upbeat, "in it together" CTA Why this call to action works

“Kick Your Own Ass should be the last sales book you ever read. Rob Johnson outlines the steps that it takes for sales success… Read Kick Your Own Ass and then kick your sales career to the next level!”

42+ Free Squeeze page templates for your site. Download all regular, video, webinar landing page, thank you and one-time-offer squeeze page templates now!

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The sales page for "Kick Ass Sales Pages" has an incredible conversion rate due to the custom, professional video promo trailer. I’ve even provided a 30 second …

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Former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra Enjoys My Kick Ass Sales Pages! Fortunately for me Matt is a great guy and has a good sense of humor! He went on to tell me how much he enjoyed my video and how he liked my website.

Well, the answer has arrived, Omar Martin’s “Kick Ass Sales Pages”. This is the same guy that brought us “High Performance Sales Secrets” and “Winning The Sale”. This is the same guy that brought us “High Performance Sales Secrets” and “Winning The Sale”.

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