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Race And Ethnicity The study of race and ethnicity, viewed as social and cultural phenomena, has always been integral to the anthropology as discipline of anthropology.

An ethnic group shares similar values and norms defined by such things as language (e.g., Hispanics), geography (e.g., Somalis), religion (e.g., Jews), or race (see discussion of race below). While this seems like a straightforward concept, it can be murky.

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In early-twenty-first-century sociocultural anthropology, ethnicity is envisioned as a complicated, fluid, politically charged, perhaps even ephemeral quality or qualities of individual or group identity that map differently to various social categories depending on people’s particular histories.

Ethnicity (Anthropology) The intellectual history of the term ‘ethnicity’ is relatively short: prior to the 1970s there was little mention of it in anthropological literature.Since the mid-1970s the concept has acquired strategic significance within anthropological theory partly as a response to the changing postcolonial geopolitics and the rise of ethnic ities activism in many industrial states.

A central story of ethnicity in anthropology is its labored disentanglement from now discredited biological and evolutionary notions of "race," ideas that continue to contribute to the general public’s conceptualization of the "ethnic" as a physically distinct type of person.

(shared among members of that group) and differences (between that group and others); ethnic group members share beliefs, values, habits, customs, and norms, and a common language, religion, history, geography, kinship, and/or race.

Ethnicity and Race Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity (CSREA ) CSREA supports collaborative, accessible research, performance, art and scholarship in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences on a broad range of issues pertaining to race and ethnicity in America.

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ethnic Russians in Estonia ethnic /divisions/strife etc (= etc between people from different races or cultures) ethnic background/origin The students are from a variety of ethnic …

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Especially in anthropology, where much of the research is the result of conversations and interviews, anonymity is important. Anonymity—such as using a different …

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